10 naturally beautiful places in Vietnam

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While cruising a boat ride early in the morning on Mekong Delta, in the southern Vietnam, I could already feel the natural beauty of it. The rivers in the south, coast line that is more than 3000 kilometers, the central highlands, the grottoes that emerge like a dragon from the seas at Halong Bay and the northern mountains rocketing towards the sky makes Vietnam a naturally beautiful country.

Tam Coc Grottoes
It’s called the Halong Bay on land. Tam Coc grottoes are limestone karsts  looming large in the rice fields surrounding it. There are three caves that can be visited, by a boat usually rowed or peddled by two women or one one. Climb the Ngu Nhac mountain, which provides the best scenery of these grottoes.

Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay
Halong Bay is a World Heritage Site and any trip to Vietnam is incomplete without a trip here. Imagine some 2000 or more limestone pillars emerging from the Gulf of Tokin. The greenish blue waters with the limestone karsts in the background provide a perfect combination to please the eyes. To venture off the beaten tracks abroad a sailing junks, Lan Ha bay is the best, the bay less travelled and unknown for most tourists

Bac Son Valley
Namely, Bac Son Valley is rural district in Lang Son province in northeastern Vietnam and it boasts one of the most spectacular landscapes that decorate our beautiful planet Earth. This Valley is one of the most visited and most popular tourist destination in Vietnam. Those who enjoy traveling know that in order to arrive at the most beautiful landscapes sights in this world, you need to invest a lot of effort … In this article you can see Bac Son Valley one of the most beautiful landscapes from all over the world. Below are some pictures that will take your breath away and will gonna make you to wish to visit it one day in your life.

However, to fully enjoy such a view requires a lot of effort, so tourists climb on top of one of the surrounding mountains, just to enjoy the spectacular view, that can be seen only from there. The flat surface makes Bac Son Valley Dream ideal for irrigation planting of rice, and considering that the different parts are planted and harvested rice at different times of the year, it still creates a beautiful view of the valley that looks like a carpet decorated yellow, green brown.

Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park
The caves in these national park are the biggest caves in the world that are open to public. Unspoiled environment and off the tourist track, these caves can be explored only by a boat. The color lighting inside the caves makes it a bit artificial though.

Son Tra Peninsula
10 kilometers from Da Nang, Son Tra is covered by diverse flora, clam waters and pure sands. A naturally beautiful landscape, the road from Da Nang to Lang Co beach over the Hai Van Pass, provides wonderful views of Son Tra peninsula.

Mui Ne Sand Dunes
A desert which is not a desert, the white sand dunes at Mui Ne are massive stretches of sand appearing from nowhere in between the green hills surrounding it. There are small lakes surrounding these sand dunes. Mui Ne sand dunes has become a popular destination, during sunrise and sunset and expect to face the large crowds at these times.

Nha Trang Beach
Where else can the beaches get more urban? Nha Trang is a fast growing city in Vietnam, but this has not destroyed the natural beauty. The beaches here are very natural and clean; and can be compared to the beaches of Hawaii. The surrounding mountains make it picturesque.

Mekong Delta - Life on Water
Mekong Delta is a network of big and small river branches and canals, that flow through the southern region of Vietnam. There is not much tourism in this region expect for the floating markets near Can Tho, but Mekong Delta is a great escape from the urban spaces to a country side lifestyle.

Phu Quoc Island
Much nearer to Cambodia than to Vietnam, Phu Quoc is a tropical island with white sands, providing an opportunity to relax while exploring South East. Located in Gulf Of Thailand, Phu Quoc is popular for underwater adventures like scuba diving and snorkeling.

Con Dao Islands
These small isolated laid back island is a destination for watching green sea turtle and a diverse Eco system. Unlike the other backpacking islands, Con Dao islands provides isolation and the calm beaches here are much desired. The islands and the surrounding sea is a protected national park.

Sails of Indochina - Lan Ha Bay

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