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In the northeast, Co To Island is the furthest inhabited island from the mainland. Its highest peak reaches a respectable 170m. Co To Island and Beach in Quang Ninh Province is probably the most beautiful and romantic beach of Vietnam with transparent blue sea, white smooth sand, golden sunshine, and green mountains and forest.

There are numerous other hills, and a large lighthouse. The coastline is mostly cliffs and large rocks, but there’s at least one sandy beach.
Unfortunately, due to the military presence on Co To, non-Vietnamese travellers require a permit to visit, which must be procured before travel. Independent travellers should be able to contact a hotel on the island, or one of the bigger travel agencies in Hanoi, to help issue the permit.
There are a couple of small hotels and guesthouses on Co To, including the friendly Coto Lodge Hotel, with a great attached restaurant and friendly staff that can arrange island tours.

Tourists who have never been to Co To may hardly imagine how fascinatingly and charmingly beautiful it is. Visiting Co To, tourists would not only have a chance to become one with the nature in a relaxing and fresh environment of blue clean seawater, but also to visit primitive forests, the impressive lighthouse of Co To, Ho Chi Minh’s Monument, Co To Pier, fishing village and natural reefs and islets.

Co To Lighthouse is the symbol of the island, which offers the most beautiful panorama of Ha Long Bay. From the lighthouse, tourists will have a great view of a breathtaking picture of the Northern Gulf with unique formation of small islets on emerald water of the bay, the pristine white color of beaches, the lush green color of forests, and yellow rice-fields from a far. On the way to the hill where this lighthouse is located, tourists have an opportunity to go through a romantic forest with a variety of alluring flowers booming along the path, not to mention to melody of the forest composed by thousands rare species of birds.
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In Co To, you might feel free to immerse into the clean water while watching flocks of seagull flying above or wandering around the beach to look for their foods. With many options of beaches in Co To, you should never worry about finding a good spot for a relaxing afternoon lying on the beach.

A fast speedboat departs Cai Rong Pier daily at 1pm (155,000d, 1½ hours), with an extra morning departure on Saturdays at 6am.
Slow ferries bound for Co To depart Cai Rong Pier at 7am daily (70,000d, three hours). Or please contact Sails of Indochina Cruise to organise a private cruise to this island

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