Cruise off to Vung Vieng fishing floating village

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Vung Vieng fishing village is one of the fascinating places for tourists in Halong tour thanks to the exotic landscapes that nature gifts for this land. Vung Vieng fishing village located in Bai Tu Long Bay near the coal mines of Cua Ong, Hon Gai - Cam Pha and Van Don old commercial port.

The Vung Vieng floating village is about 25km far from the mainland. This is the residence of thousands fishermen who are busy to earn living year round but still happy and friendly. Especially, when coming here, tourists will be experienced and explored the lives of local fishermen and that is one of the interesting discoveries of tourists who visit Halong Bay.

Vung Vieng is one of the fishing villages having the most unique architecture in the world. Because the houses here are floating on the water, next are the large and small boats, rafts. Unlike terrestrial life, all activities of the people here associate with the sea and the ocean, with spectacular limestone islands. The differences in natural conditions and daily life have made Vung Vieng fishing village has its own unique cultural features. To visit Vung Vieng fishing village, visitors must take a small boat that is used mainly in the fishing village and pass Hang Cao - a famous cave of Bai Tu Long Bay. This is considered as a natural gate of Vung Vieng fishing village.
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After visiting Luon Cave, you will continue their cruise to explore Vung Vieng fishing village. The village is shielded by the natural limestone with vast natural landscape, rolling mountains, jade green sea like an unparalleled beautiful picture. On the vast ocean surface, floating houses are adherent to each other, the fishing boats moor next door. For fishermen, the boats are their houses and the means to earn living as well. When it's nice, fishermen drop the net creating a peaceful and romantic scene. The sea is rough; they go home or move to the mainland.

This fishing village has only a few dozen rooftops, all daily activities are taken place on small boats bobbing on waves. A small grocery store selling essential items, a small class teaching children... is hold on small boats floating on the waves. The center of the village is the largest and most beautiful communal house. Locals in Vung Vieng fishing village don't have the team of big boats to catch fish offshore. They only earn living on small fishing boats, fish around the bay. More than 160 fishermen living in Vung Vieng fishing village of Halong Bay partly reflect the traditional beauty of a fishing village on the sea.

From Vung Vieng, tourists can visit Mat Quy island, Bay Gieng, go fishing in Vung Ha, visit the primitive forest on the island of Tra Ban, Van Don, small beaches at the foot of the mountain as Ngoc Vung or Van Gio. The beach is pristine, very suitable for small groups of tourists. From Vung Vieng, it takes 3 hours by boat to arrive at Quan Lan Island that has the famous communal houses. Here, many archaeological artifacts found proved a golden age of Van Don commercial port. In Halong tour of Halong Bay overnight cruise, Vung Vieng fishing village is an indispensable place.

When you come here you have the chance to feel the peaceful, quiet space of Vung Vieng fishing village. In addition, tourists to Vung Vieng can experience a day of real fishermen, fishing with the locals and then enjoy fresh seafood flavor right on the unspoiled beaches. For those who like the peaceful and quiet atmosphere and want to find a private space to escape from the bustle and noise of the daily life, Vung Vieng is an ideal attraction. The life on the sea and the work of fishermen is a cultural beauty that only find out in Halong. Thanks to the spectacular landscapes, unique culture, Vung Vieng fishing village has become one of the most attractive tourism spots in Bai Tu Long bay.

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